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Frequently asked Questions

Please find a list of the most frequently asked questions to

1. Q- I know that London is divided into ZONES, can you explain to me how it works?

A- London has six transport zones. Zone1 is the centre moving out to Zone6 which is outer London areas. Generally most of our options are in Zone1 and 2, as that is where the demand is.

2. Q- What is

A- We are a well-established accommodation booking company for hotels, B&B's and hostels in London.

3. Q- Where are you based? I booked with a US agency last year and I got into a horrible hotel.

A- Our offices are based in London. Unlike overseas agencies, the managers here have access to all of our hotels easily and do visit regularly to make sure they are of the standard listed. Feel free to contact us to speak to one of them to tell you about the hotel you would like to know about. Some overseas agencies do not ever get to see the hotels they are trying to sell. We are not providing accommodation anywhere other than London for that very reason.

4. Q- How do I book and pay?

A- You can book via our secure page online. For hotel bookings we require a credit or debit card for a non-refundable and non-transferable 10 percent deposit to secure your booking. We accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta, Switch, JCB and Solo card. The remainder of the balance is due on arrival at the hotel. Some Hotels may charge an administration fee (usually 5 percent) for paying by credit card - ask at the reception desk to make sure.

5. Q- So I have booked, now what happens?

A- One of the staff will give you a booking reference number either via email or over the phone. You will also receive a booking confirmation by email. If you booked over the phone, send an email to our office, with the reference and very shortly it will be replied to with a booking confirmation via email. The booking confirmation has the Hotel Name, arrival date, room type, length of stay and booking reference number.

6. Q- Will I be charged the entire stay before arrival at the hotel?

A- No, you will only be charged the 10 percent booking depsoit before arrival. This is not on top of your hotel rate, it is deducted from your total bill. As we secure the reservation for you, we are able to notify the hotel and usually offer a better rate than if you booked by walking in off the street.

7. Q- What is so good about booking through

A- Unlike other accommodation websites, we do not operate on commission for large numbers of referrals. A lot of other accommodation providers will place you in a place in the area you want, but not get the best deal or put you in anything they can find in the area, which gives them the best commission. We believe that a pleasant stay, with a pleasant figure on the bill is what most people are after. has built up relationships with hotels and therefore they can give our customers priority on bookings as well as special deals. Many large accommodation booking sites we have come across make sure you pay the entire sum up front also. We do not do this, only the 10 percent booking deposit.

8. Q- Which hotel do I choose?

A- Good question. It would probably depend on your budget generally. If budget is a priority, you can get some very good deals in Zone2 B&B's and Hotels. Can be of a higher standard than Zone1, for a much cheaper price, with only a little longer to commute.

9. Q- What is a Rack Rate?

A- A rack rate is the price that a hotel or B&B would offer you if you walked in off the street and you wanted to book a room right there. Most hotels offer us a discount on their rack rate for us.

10. Q- How are your rates?

A- As mentioned above, we are almost always given a discount on every hotel or B&B's rack rate. Some hotels that we have built up a good relationship with, give us the same rate over Christmas and New Years, when every other hotel raises prices.

11. Q- What is VAT? Is it included?

A- V.A.T is Value Added Tax. All the rates quoted on our website have VAT included, unless otherwise stated. No extra charges.

12. Q- Can I just make a reservation myself?

A- Some hotels will let you do this. They will charge you rack rate and it means you are paying more than what you would for a room if you booked online through It would also mean you would have to call the hotel yourself to confirm reservations.

13. Q- I don't have a credit card? Can I still secure the room?

A- A credit or debit card is required to accept the booking deposit (mentioned above). As well as this is also good to prevent fraudulent bookings, and ensures that if you do not arrive to the hotel, they have the facility to deduct one nights accommodation (see the question regarding cancellation below). Remember that we are able to accept Switch and Solo cards for the deposit also.

14. Q- Can I use someone else's credit card?

A- With their permission of course! We require the credit card number, expiry date, Name of Cardholder and their address (for security reasons)

15. Q- I have booked but now I need to cancel! Will I be charged?

A- For all of our hotel bookings, we require 72 hours written notice to cancel your booking. Email is sufficient for written notice. If you wish to be notified, include your contact number on the email and we can confirm it with you. If you do not give us the proper notice, one nights accommodation will be deducted from your credit or debit card at the nightly rate that you were quoted on your booking confirmation. Simply notify us and we can cancel it for you, there is no need to call the hotel first. Remember that the 10 percent booking deposit is non-refundable.

16. Q- I'm not sure about putting my credit card details over the Internet...

A- All of our booking pages, where the credit card details are taken, are on a separate secure server and is encrypted and then sent to us via a secure link. If you do not wish to use the server, you can contact a representative at our office who can process the booking over the phone if you wish to speak to a real live person.

17. Q- What if I want to change the type of room or extend my stay?

A- Simply contact us here and we can sort that out for you, depending on availability.

18. Q- If I don't show up at the hotel...

A- You will be charged the equivalent of one nights accommodation as quoted on your booking confirmation. Using your credit or debit card.

19. Q- Do all Hotels accept credit cards?

A- 90 % of them do, please check when you make the booking. Some accept all cards except for Diners or Amex. Some of the hotels charge an administration charge (usually 5 percent) to use your credit card. For particular hotels who do not usually accept Amex/Diners, on special request we can charge your entire stay to Amex/Diners at our office and arrange this with the hotel.

20. Q-What is GBP?

A- British Pounds, pounds sterling.

21. Q-What is the difference between a double room and a twin?

A- Double rooms have a double bed and twin rooms have two single beds

22. Q- What is an en-suite?

A- An en-suite is a bathroom (or shower) and toilet that are part of the room itself.

23. Q- What do the stars and diamonds mean? What if a hotel or B&B has none?

A- The stars or diamonds indicate the standard of the hotel. Diamonds are used to indicate the tourist board listing rating for bed and breakfasts. If a hotel or B&B does not have any, it means that it is unavailable at the time, or the accommodation is not listed with the London Tourist Board.

24. Q- Is reception open 24 hours - what if I arrive late at night?

A- Many smaller establishments have limited opening hours for reception. Once you check in however, and get your key - you can usually come and go as you please. The larger hotels have 24 hour reception.

25. Q- What breakfast is included with a bed & breakfast?

A- This varies from a continental breakfast which is just toast and tea/coffee, through to eggs & bacon (full English Breakfast). Some B&B's and hotels have a small charge for breakfast. Best to check on the information for each individual hotel.

26. Q- Do you have conference room facilities at your hotels?

A- Please send us an email with your requirements and we can give you some options.

27. Q- Do you have an airport pick-up service?

A- We can refer you to one of our sister websites that can arrange airport transfers for you.

28. Q- What about discounts?

A- Most hotels we have access to can always give us discounts. At some times of the year we are even given extra discounts for rates at certain establishments. Ask us when booking for more details.

29. Q- If I shorten my stay is the booking deposit adjusted?

A- As stated above, the deposit is non-refundable and also not transferable, so the original deposit will not be modified. The balance remaining to pay at the hotel will be adjusted.

Any other questions?? Please contact us and we will try and answer them for you!


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